Fukushima Nuclear Plant Leak Sent Workers Back Home

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After the 8.9 magnitude Earthquake and 10 meter Tsunami that crippled North Japan, Japan is now faced with another crisis. The nuclear plant in Fukushima is reported to be leaking. All workers in the plant were evacuated to make sure that no one gets harmed as radiation levels are starting to become too dangerous for human health.

Yukio Edano, government chief spokesman, narrated that the emergency crew has been using seawater and dousing them on the reactors to decrease the temperature. Later that day, the temperature of the reactors dropped but letting workers in is still much of a debate. Officials from the nuclear and industrial safety agency said that the first reactor’s fuel rods are 70% damaged while 33% of the second reactor is. Still, they don’t know the nature of the damage in these reactors and fixing them can be very hazardous.

Well, since the nuclear reactors are still very unstable, I believe it will be best to withdraw any activity in the plant to make sure that all workers and employees are safe from radiation risks. Further, officials have issued a warning to residents within 19 miles of the nuclear plant that it will be best to stay indoors. 70,000 residents near the area have already evacuated.


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