Gainesville Florida Shooting: 2 Dead, 5 Wounded

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A gunman left one person dead and wounded five others in a shooting rampage in Gainesville, Florida recently. The suspect identified as Clifford Miller, Jr , age 24, then turned the gun on himself adding to the casualties. The police investigating the incident said that the victims were seemingly unrelated but what baffles them was that the shooter took his targets from specific locations around Gainesville area then went outside the city limits to Alachua County to commit suicide. All his victims were male with the police still yet to disclose their names while the investigation is still ongoing.

No motive has yet been raised by the police why the gunman went into a shooting rampage. The first shooting incident was reported around 4pm after a 911 call was received by the Gainesville police department followed by several others within the area. The last 911 call was at 4:16pm to the Alachua County Sheriff’s office after Miller apparently moved from the Gainesville city limits into Alachua County in his red pick-up truck.

The University of Florida is located in Gainesville but school authorities say that the shootings are not connected with the school. The Gainesville police have scheduled a press conference at 10am this Tuesday to clarify matters about the shooting.


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