George Clooney Stars In The American

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George Clooney stars Anton Corbijn’s movie The American and as released, received positive feedbacks from movie reviews across the internet. The said movie was described as “an artsy thriller.” With Clooney, Paolo Bonacelli, Violante Placido and Thekla Reuten also starred in the film. The story is labelled as the usual “one last job” of a skilled assassin.

Clooney’s character is Jack, the assassin who retreated in the countryside of Italy while waiting for his one last assignment. The film welcomes the viewers in a scene where Jack is with a woman. When they went out from their cabin for a peaceful romantic walk, a sniper started shooting at them. The movie goes on with Jack proceeding trying to know who is trying to kill him and minding his last assignment. In the story, Jack fell in love with a prostitute, a character played by Violante Placido.

According to reviews, Corbijn have done a good job bringing back the feel and look of 1970s American films in a European setting. The director also created a unique craft as the movie progresses into a quiet European thriller. There are no car explosions or planes exploding. It is peaceful but dangerous. The movie was quiet and consistently building tension. The film was released as rated R due to its nudity, violence and sexual content.


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  1. Detscan says:

    Re: The American. I hate it when women have to show full frontal nudity (or else there are thousands of other women ready to take her place in that and in future films) and men just have to show their butt for a second. In Hollywood, only the men get to keep their dignity. Disgusting. Aside from the above, Corbijn is a good photographer but a lousy story-teller.

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