George Soros Donates $1M To Legalize Marijuana In California!

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Now there is more reason for Proposition 19 to be advertised and campaigned for.

George Soros, a multibillionaire investor, has contributed $1million in order to legalize Marijuanan in the state of California. For him, it is already a sure winner this coming Election Day and that people should understand that legalizing marijuana will help California’s economy.

But despite that and the support from a lot of Califronians, Los Angeles Times/USC survey showed that the support for Proposition 19 has declined, where 51% of the respondents said they are against the bill, while only 39% were going for it. This medical marijuana bill has been passed since 14 years ago and Soros believes it is time to make it a law.

Regulating and taxing marijuana would simultaneously save taxpayers billions of dollars in enforcement and incarceration costs, while providing many billions of dollars in revenue annually

Also, he mentioned that this legalization will make purchasing Marijuana for illegal purposes illegal because it will be given tax and control over it. Nowadays, it is easier for teens to buy marijuana instead of beer and cigarettes, thus the reason for incident of drug abuse. When the law is passed, you may need a valid reason for buying marijuana and it should be legal.

For a few people, this $1million may just be a small amount for a campaign that already lacks funding, but for Dale Jones of the “Yes on 19” campaign, it means a lot. The legalization of marijuana is a continuous educational campaign to let people know that there are a lot of good uses for marijuana. And Soros’ contribution will further this education as it continues to expose itself to the media and the public. A campaign ad came out last Monday about the bill, and Jones emphasizes that it will make a difference as the people continue to vote.

Soros has been a main contributor in the campaign on legalizing of marijuana despite being in the minority. He has also invested $3 Million on medical marijuana initiatives as he continues to argue the benefits of it.

It is good that Soros is willing to invest in this kind of campaign because I, for one, thinks that legalization of marijuana will help stop drug abuse by putting tax, as well as bring up revenue in the state of California. I do hope that Proposition 19 will still have a chance in the Election Day because, if the survey is to be followed, it may have a big chance of losing than winning.


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