George W. Bush Has A No-YouTube Lifetyle – Really?

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Former US President George W. Bush wants a no-YouTube lifestyle and seems to be dead seirous about it. During a meeting to a financial association at Chicago, the former leader had clarified his stand (and principle) against the popular video sharing site saying, “I have zero desire to be on YouTube”.

This, as Bush clarified himself, was needed so he won’t be in YouTube anymore. He says he has no desire to be on the famous site. In his recent speeches, he told his audience that he would not want to be a “talking head” as election fever is drawing near.

Ironically, the marketing video of  his new book is on YouTube with him talking (see video clip below).

According to the video, the book is an “extraordinary account” of the former head of the union. Furthermore, it promises to break the convention of any political autobiographies. The book also has an interactive e-book for your iPad, iPhone and iPod besides the traditional hard cover and paperback versions.

Even with his supreme desire to have a “I –will-not-be-seen-in-YOUTUBE” lifestyle, Mr. Bush might never escape the simple fact that he will be in you tube no matter what. He is famous, he is comical, and he brings out the best and worst in people WORLDWIDE. He may not want to be in YouTube, but there sure is someone out there who would want to make a million views a day just by showcasing how the former President recites his poetry or creates his own autobiography.

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