Giffords Shooting Incident: Suspect Jared Loughner in Police Custody

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The shooting incident happened outside Tucson Supermarket in Arizona over the weekend which left 6 people dead and 14 other injured including, US Representative Gabrielle Giffords.

The suspect Jared Lee Loughner has been in the custody of authorities since Saturday and is expected to appear in court for cases of murder and attempted murder. The suspect will be defended by Judy Clark who was also the lawyer who defended Timothy Mc Veigh (Oklahoma Bombing) and Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber)

Loughner is said to be one of those who didn’t trust the government. In his place, authorities found an envelope with phrases like “I planned ahead, “My Assassination,” together with Rep Giffords’ name on it.

According to attending doctors of Representative Giffords, the recovery will take its course. The medical officials said that the recovery will not be that easy, too. Giffords who is still in the intensive care unit has had part of her skull removed during the treatment. This is to avoid the swelling after the shocked it received from the shooting incident.

Obama will lead a moment of silence  on Monday with the whole of America. This is a serious politically motivated violence that has now taken the scene once again amidst the talks on the health care reform.

It is one of the much political violence that has been a problem for so long. Anyone in the shoes of politician will not be happy to know that there may be eyes on the look out for them.


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