Ginger McGuire: Woman Who Overslept On Plane Files Suit

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Ginger McGuire, is a woman who fell asleep on a plane on her way to Michigan. She is said to be an employee for a radio station and cable-TV channel in Michigan. But perhaps she had too much sleep.

A cleaning crew of United Airlines Flight 8080 found her just before 4 a.m., hours after the plane landed at about 12:30 a.m.

The sad fact about this is that no one cared to wake her up despite the fact that the plane has already landed a couple of hours. No one on the airplane crew even bothered to wake her up.

Because of this, she decided to file a case against United Airlines including complaints of negligence, false imprisonment and distress as grounds.  This prompted an investigation by airline and federal Transportation Security Administration officials.

Airline officials said that they are closely with partner Trans States to investigate the cause and settlement of the situation with the customer.

Ginger points that next time; crews should check on their passengers whether or not they have made a sweep on the plane. It is a standard that every airline should do. This suit would not have started anyway if not for the negligence of the crew, she said.


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