Glee Season 2 Episode 11: Download and Torrent

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Glee S02E11

Skip this one may contain spoilers!

Glee Super Bowl Episode

Reader’s Opinion:

Everyday we are receiving emails from our readers explaining their appreciation for each of the episodes that we are posting. So from this point, we will be picking a random email coming from you and it will be featured on each of our post.

Kathrina Bermudez from Puerto Rico.

“I loved Glee since its humble beginnings on Season 1. At that time, only few of my classmates were watching Glee just because it’s not yet popular and they felt like this TV-series was only meant for losers. Little did they know that what they’re thinking was the complete opposite and it turns out Glee became a huge success not only in USA but across the globe! This only proves one thing and that is, each one of us is not perfect and that fact alone drives us to push ourselves towards the limit to become successful in the future. Glee never fails to show this on each of its episodes. Thanks for the tv-series!”

You can send us an email and tell us your opinion why you like watching Glee. Is it because of the characters? Their amazing singing choreography? Or you’re just a gleek just like them? Send us your response.


This special Glee episode is expected to be released on February 6 (USA time), you can download it to get all the episodes. For the meantime, you can check out its last previous episode (glee season 2 episode 10). Stay tuned!

Link: Download it now HDTV quality

How To Download Full Length HD Quality TV-Series and Movies (Guide)


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12 Responses for “Glee Season 2 Episode 11: Download and Torrent”

  1. kerina says:

    After subscribing, I saw that it will be available on Tuesday night! Can't wait!!!

  2. kerry says:

    Rachel is my idol! I am watching episode 10 now. Thanks for this update.

  3. vash says:

    I have already subscribed for a year. And watching episode 10! Thanks to the O.P!

  4. shozh says:

    I have already seen episode 10 after subscribing and I can't wait to DL this episode soon. Many Thanks!!

  5. cron says:

    It will have its break and will resume on January of next year. Can't wait! You'll get all the info after subscribing as well as access to all of the episodes.

    Agent Cron from Malaysia :D

  6. remi zero says:

    Will always be a fan of Glee. I've subscribed too. Thanks!

  7. cania says:

    Glee is the perfect way to spend the Christmas night while resting after a sumptuous meal. Thanks to your subscription, I have finally watched episode 6! — Can't wait for this one too… Happy holidays~~

  8. rachel says:

    This will be a special super bowl episode — and you'll have it as soon as you subscribe.. Thanks a lot and Happy new year guys!!

  9. jean says:

    Yep, and I do believe the episode 12 will arrive just 2 days after this one. Thanks for the subscription O.P!

  10. zynx says:

    Correction rhona, it'll be next tuesday lolx! It's still great :D

  11. gleek forever says:

    Hi guys! It's now confirmed that it will arrive on Sunday whereas episode 12 will be on Tuesday!

    the source came after subscribing to fast-tv. Thanks!

  12. rhona says:

    Amazing quality! It was available for download six hours ago! :D That is, if you have subscribed…

    Can't wait for episode 12!

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