Glee Season 2 Episode 13: Download and Torrent

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Glee S02E13

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Reader’s Opinion:

Everyday we are receiving emails from our readers explaining their appreciation for each of the episodes that we are posting. So from this point, we will be picking a random email coming from you and it will be featured on each of our post.

Janice Mila Seigler from Israel.

“Back at the holidays, I was a bit sad because the production management of Glee did cut this season a little bit too short unlike last year (season 1) wherein we managed to see its last episode even on December. As you can see, the news about Glee resuming last week brought me joy especially after seeing their special superbowl event which was quite spectacular in my opinion. I am writing this down hoping to be featured for this week’s Valentines episode of Glee and in case you guys are reading my message, I just would like to say keep on believing within yourself and there’s nothing wrong if you want to shine. I’m really proud to become a Gleek member and I hope you feel the same way too. Thanks for this subscription!”

You can send us an email and tell us your opinion why you like watching Glee. Is it because of the characters? Their amazing singing choreography? Or you’re just a gleek just like them? Send us your response.


See how Brittany will save the day for Rachel as Sue did the unthinkable. Expect this episode of Glee to resume its weekly release and it will be available on February 15 (USA time). You can download it now to get all the episodes. Or, check out its last week’s episode (glee season 2 episode 12).

Link: Download it now HDTV quality

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7 Responses for “Glee Season 2 Episode 13: Download and Torrent”

  1. shena says:

    I do hope we'll see some cute valentine scenes on this episode! Waiting ~~

  2. claire says:

    yes shena, and that fact alone makes it even more special! I am melting right now :D Thanks Fast-TV :D

  3. rain says:

    Lol, cute picture of Brittany there. Anyway, thanks guys for this update :D I am waiting it on your fast-tv tool !!

  4. fun says:

    Same here Rain, I do hope they would put more limelight to Britanny — she's unique! Can't wait for this episode..

  5. cairn says:

    This will be available on Tuesday… And counting~~ Can't wait!!

  6. nicole says:

    If you have registered on Fast-TV, this episode will be available a couple of hours from now. Can't wait to download it!

  7. shannon says:

    Guys, if you have already registered, this episode is already available now! (past 6 hours ago). Thanks for this one :D

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