Glenn Beck Might Go Blind Due To Macular Dystrophy

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In his appearance in Salt Lake City at the American Revival Tour and addressing a huge crowd, popular tv and radio host Glenn Beck announced that he has macular dystrophy. He also said that he might lost his eyesight because of the current state of his eyes and that he needs enough time to attend to his current health condition.

The diagnosis came a couple of weeks ago from what was supposed to be a regular eye check-up with his doctor. Tests later showed that the problems Beck was experiencing such as failure to focus was because of a rare genetic disorder macular dystrophy. The ‘The Glenn Beck Program’ host has been forewarned that he may become blind because of the disorder.

The thought of not being able to see his wife and children has made Beck upset and emotionally drained.

Macular dystrophy is a genetic eye disorder that can result to one’s loss of eyesight. The retina which is the tissue that lines the back of the eye is severely affected by this disorder. A small area that is found near the middle of the retina is disrupted by the said disorder. Said disruption may cause sharp central vision to fail. The failure of the sharp central vision will cause difficulty in reading, driving and face recognition.


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