Goliath Tiger Fish: A Deadly Catch

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Whenever we hear names like “goliath” and “tiger” we imagine ferocious-looking predator that chews savagely on its preys. This is the exact picture you can depict for the huge Goliath Tiger fish. Generally, the term Tiger fish is a common name for specific specie of fishes with fearsome appearance and scale color.

There are several species belonging to the family of Tiger fish, one of which is the genus Hydrocynus from the family Alestiidae. The Goliath Tigerfish known as “Hydrocynus goliath” or Goliath tiger is the largest of these genome and can be found to dwell on fresh waters of Congo river as well as Sangha in Africa. These creatures may come in silvery white with gray color, yellow sheen or metallic orange and could grow to an enormous size in as much as 24 inches!

The Goliath tigerfish is believed to be the counterpart of another gruesome-looking Piranha that can be found in the jungle of South America. Although the two belong to different families they share similar razor-sharp teeth attributes and both are aggressive hunters.

Aside from sheer length and saw-like teeth, Goliath tigerfishes have a muscular body that cut through water in amazing speed. These creatures also have built-in sound receiver in their body to detect their preys. To top it all, Goliath tigerfish could resort to eating their own family in order to survive. It usually happens during dry seasons when their main source of food is less. I don’t how would you call that kind of creature with all those deadly attributes and doesn’t show mercy even to its own kind. Good thing it isn’t a menace to the society because of its water habitat.


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