Goodbye Chicago Olympics 2016

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obama olympics It was a sad ending for Chicago and the entire U.S.A. after losing the bid as the host City for 2016 Olympics. U.S. President Barrack Obama, together with his wife are residents of Chicago, made a tremendous effort before the International Olympics Committee (IOC) to choose Chicago. This is  the excerpt from  President Obama’s Olympic speech:

… And so I urge you to choose Chicago. I urge you to choose America. And if you do, if we walk this path together, then I promise you this: The city of Chicago and the United States of America will make the world proud

Barrack’s Olympic campaign wasn’t enough

Aside from Chicago; Rio de Janeiro, Madrid and Tokyo were among the contenders as host for the 2016 Summer Olympics. The selection was headed by the IOC at Copenhagen, Denmark.  During the elimination round, the most shocking thing happened, Chicago got eliminated on the 1st round of selection proceedings. Tokyo, considered as the underdog, was eliminated on the second round. Madrid and Rio de Janeiro battled it out on the last round.

Finally, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil won the bid as host for 2016 Summer olympics  with 66 votes against 32 for Madrid Spain.

rio de janeiro 2016 4 aspirants

President Obama was obviously disappointed over the loss but gave his team an “A” for effort. It was reported that the President heard the bad news aboard Air Force One. There were news reports saying that this was part of the reason why U.S. lost the bid.

“It can be that some IOC members see it as a lack of respect”, mentioned by Kai Holm, a former IOC member.

The President firmly believed that this was the “strongest” bid possible and added that “I’m proud that I was able to come in and help make that case in person”. See the video below for this speech.

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