Google Maps For Mobile 5 With 3D View & Offline Mode

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One of the Google applications that I like is Google Maps because this is where I look before traveling to another place. It is convenient that I get to see roads and buildings to determine where I am going and what road to take. It would be very convenient though if Google had a 3D version of their maps and we would see the exact look of the building/landmark that we are looking for.

Well, worry no more because Google has developed Google Maps for Mobile 5. It has new features that would be perfect for people like me who go to a lot of places and has a poor sense of direction. One of its great features is the 3D view where you can rotate and tilt the view according to your preference using new multitouch gestures.

Then, its graphics is made specifically for the device, so the maps are rendered according to your device making it more clear and zooming the map won’t pixelize it. Whether you are online or offline, downloading a map is easier and faster. For those who can’t find a wifi spot but needs Google maps, then be happy because it has an offline mode feature. Aside from that, your device will have the Google Maps Navigation, where it will help you find the right directions or re-route you in case you get lost.

When the application was shown to Gizmodo, they said they were quite impressed that most of New York City had every detail—something that a map should really look like. Acoording to Google, this new Maps would be more helpful than before in terms of loading clear and precise information, whether online or offline.

Some of the features can be used by downloading certain supports and applications. The Android version of Google maps will be available in the next days and in the following devices: Samsung I9000 Galaxy S, Motorola Droid, HTC Droid Incredible, Nexus S, and T-Mobile G2.


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