Gordon Ramsay: Reality Chef & Host haunted By Death Of Joseph Cerniglia?

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Can words really kill? Well, in the case of Joseph Cerniglia it might as well be, but unlikely. The body of Cerniglia has been found floating in New York’s Hudson River. The thirty-nine year old chef committed suicide by jumping atop the George Washington Bridge into the river.

Three years ago, in FOX’s Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsay, the perennial nagging host, visited Cerniglia’s restaurant to be its feature in one of his episodes for the show. During the said episode, Ramsay attacked the condition of Cerniglia’s New Jersey restaurant, Campania, to the point of implying that his business was going to swim down the Hudson River.

It’s still inconclusive if Cerniglia’s death is connected to Ramsay’s visit to his restaurant in 2007. But some of Cerniglia family members said that he was under stress during the taping of the episode at that time due to financial problems. But they reiterated that the show helped Joseph Cerniglia improve his restaurant management skills more than giving him harm.

The show came back to visit Cerniglia’s restaurant in 2008 wherein Ramsay praised Cerniglia for the improvement of his restaurant. Cerniglia even commented that his customers doubled after he did Ramsay’s advices after the show’s episode in 2007. In another of Ramsay’s television shows, Hell’s Kitchen, one of the shows contestants also committed suicide.


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