Green Hornet Star Seth Rogen Lifestyle Check

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Seth Rogen will be the “The Green Hornet” to realize his dreams of becoming one of the superheroes that he loves in his comic book collections.

With this new endeavor along with writer, Evan Goldberg, he’s in for a new surprise as Britt Reid, a Los Angeles playboy who changed his life drastically after his newspaper publisher dad was murdered. Now, he’s tagged team with Kato to fight bad elements coming out as masked criminals.

Rogen recalls Green Hornet TV series and the Batman shows in the 60′s when he used to watch reruns as a kid.

With his love for comic nooks and superheroes in their tight costumes, Rogen has collected various books. At home, he introduced this interest to his fiancée, Lauren Miller but he wasn’t sure of what his wife actually likes among them.

And most of his collections are also evident in his office from comic books to memorabilia; even the Night Crawler’s teleporting act in a porcelain glass statue. This and a lot more stuffs depict his geek personality.

He said that he actually visits the stores on Wednesday to check out product updates that he couldn’t do nowadays because of his busy schedule. He promises to be back in his fantastic geek life after “The Green Hornet.”

He’s a real geek! “The Green Hornet” will showcase on how he internalizes what he really loves as a kid until now.


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