Greg Oden Nude Pictures Stain NBA Reputation Anew

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Portland Trail Blazers center Greg Oden has sparked the noise for NBA as his dirty pictures surfaced lately over the Net and made headlines. This new NBA craziness may have been an angry ex’s ploy, or it may have been just all for publicity. Good or bad publicity is still publicity. This is now usual in the NBA community as stranger and worse things have happened.

The nude pictures were reportedly seen first on on January 26, Tuesday, and then went on to circulate. A recent press conference had the NBA star “disgraced” as he profusely apologized for the spread of his racy photos. However, curiously, Oden admitted that he took those nude pictures using the camera from his own cell phone and that they were supposed to be just for a female friend.

Only one of two reasons can be considered for the leak: Oden is not responsible enough to care about “sexting” or sending sexual content to other people (like nude pictures and sexual messages) by cell phone, and usually backfires when the intended receivers get mad and post those things online; or the basketball player just wants to draw public attention toward himself by spreading those pictures on the Internet.

Among other celebrities who fell prey to this kind of scandal are High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens, TV personality Adrienne Bailon, and Major League’s Grady Sizemore of the Cleveland Indians. Most claimed that the photographs taken of them were exclusively for their special someone and should not leak out to the public.


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