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Right after the Haiti earthquake, the rest of the world has responded to its need for support by sending over goods and relief workers all day. Unfortunately, the airport was so full that they were forced to turn away planes, which delayed the arrival of relief goods to Haiti. They need as many workers and volunteers to search for those who are buried in the rubble.

Haiti Earthquake relief

There were two air traffic controllers from the US Air Force who had to take over the Toussaint Louverture International Airport to accommodate all of the planes coming in. There were some search and rescue teams who landed, while a shipment of water and medicine. There were no crews to unload the cargo planes and there was little security, which worried authorizes.

Government officials are planning to find trucks and cars to move the goods from the airport to the places where people need them, but they are still in the process of doing so. Many shipments are still being held off because of the lack of facilities for landing. Cap Haitien will be the primary port for ships coming in with relief goods, but it can only handle a third of Port-au-Prince. We can only wait for more updates to see if the conditions have become better.


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