Hakeem Nicks injury in Redskins vs. Giants Football Game

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Football season is picking up and as the games get more important and more intense, many players are getting injured and having to take time off the game. In the Redskins vs. Giants football game recently, although the Giants won against the Redskins at 45 to 12, Hakeem Nicks got injured.

Hakeem Nicks injury

Nicks was one of the game’s key players since he was in charge of offense, and he was ready to charge until he got injured. He made a lot of good catches and plays. His injury is not a Lisfranc joint injury, to the relief of many Giants fans. He sprained his hamstring, and is going to be out for two to three weeks. Ware also dislocated his elbow, and Allen Patrick is expected to be taken off of the practice team and brought to the field soon. Ahmad Bradshaw is also going to be playing more important roles with the temporary loss of the other two players.

The Redskins didn’t leave without their fair share of injuries too. Jason Campbell was injured and had a shoulder sprain this Monday. He left in the first half, and this caused losses for the Redskins for a while in the time he was out. Todd Collins replaced him for a while, but Campbell came back for the second half.


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