HelloTXT App For iOS and Android: App Download

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Are you the person who gets tired of logging in on different social-networking sites and other accounts as it takes too much time? If you are, then you’ll be happy to know that there is a single interface that will let you allow to send out updates in various sites and account—without wasting time.

The HelloTXT application from Buongiorno is that single interface that will help you save time as you share things in different sites with just one click. One of its greatest features is the in-line media which makes you explore different photos, links, videos and other things even though you are in your feed view. Then you can also go to the new display of blogs, websites, and other online content using the RSS feed.

The cute thing about HelloTXT is that you can draw statuses and have fun making fun on your Facebook fans with the Doodle feature. There is also the Suggestions feature that gives you template suggestions that are funny and amusing incase you get mental block on what to write in your status.

This application is available for iOS and Android so you can update your accounts even on your phones. The HelloTXT is something worth getting as it will save you the time in logging in to all multiple accounts.


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