Hitman Movie: A Poor Revision of the Bourne Trilogy

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Hitman is an Animated Action Movie that creates a center of attention of the child to it self. Some reveals that it is a reduced adaptation from a famous games such as the Hitman Trilogy –includes Silent Assassins, Blood Money and Contracts.

Hitman is a 2007 film based on the same-titled video game series. The film was directed by Xavier Gens and stars Timothy Olyphant and Dougray Scott. The movie was released on November 21, 2007. A sequel, under the working title of Hitman 2, is currently in pre-production.

The movie is on the subject of a world wide man hunt against a single person and how that single person resists and outsmarts the officials. In the Hitman movie Interpol is behind the killing machine and in the Bourne movies CIA is trying to hunt down a former state agent, again a killer machine designed by the CIA itself.

Some reviews say that many people are akin to see this kind of movies. At least they will get to see different countries and different cities and they think they can expect more movies and novels on this style.


2 Responses for “Hitman Movie: A Poor Revision of the Bourne Trilogy”

  1. Agent Bourne says:

    The first hitman game came before Bourne Identity

  2. so...? says:

    he said the MOVIE is copy of bourne not the game
    but I thin the movie where an organisation is hunting a single hitman is a genre not only in bourne trilogy or hitman 47

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