Honda Is Recalling 2003-2004 Accord, Civic and Element

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Honda Motor Co. is recalling around 428,000 Accord, Civic and Element vehicles in United States and Canada according to the company last August 9, 2010, Monday. Vehicles will be recalled due to a problem in the ignition interlock lever.

The models that will be recalled are those 2003 and 2004 models of Accord, Civic and Element. The safety concern of such recall is the tendency of the cars to veer off when parked incorrectly. Supposedly, the ignition switch would keep the drivers from removing their keys when their car has not been parked correctly. But it was found that this mechanism would fail in the said cars that are to be recalled. Consumers will be notified in September fearing for more accidents waiting to happen.

Earlier in 2009, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been checking the 2002 Accord for potential defects. At that time, Honda had already received reports of 10 crashes associated with the ignition switch problem. NHTSA said that they too have received 11 reports of crashes with the same problem. One woman reported that while leaving her car which was already parked in her drive way, almost ran over her as it swerved off while in park.


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