The Hot Truffles Now In A Hotdog?

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The hottest food now is a hotdog served in a truffle pretzel, grilled using truffle oil and some more butter still made out of truffles, on the side. The price is about $69 and can be found in Serendipity 3 restaurant in New York. Additionally, it is considered as the World’s Most expensive hotdog and can be munched in a good 12-inch size of pure beef.

If you want to cook truffles for dinner yourself, you can check out a supermarket selling it for almost $1000 per pound. Yes, the zeroes are correct. Some money for a fungus, one might say.

More information on truffles

Truffles is a type of mushroom, a fungus that grows mostly in Europe and Asia. With the right humidity and temperature, truffles will survive and grow. If you missed the right time to collect these form of mushrooms, you will also miss the taste. The taste dies down with its freshness. It seems that with this food, everything has to be done at the right time.

Since it is a fungus, it grows on host plants like oak and other conifer trees. You can find these mushrooms growing at its base, or anywhere near. Since trees, animals and the fungi family have an existing ecological relationship, the animals are the best indicators of the fungus’ location. The tunnels around the trees and the holes underneath them are signs that animals have been there to dig for food, namely, mushrooms.

In Europe, they harvest truffles with the help of female pigs, all because the odd smell of this popular fungus these days excites the female pigs sexually. This only means one thing. The smell of truffles is no different from that of a swine’s sex attractant. Again, one might say, some price for a food that smells like this.

However, in Italy, they trained lagotto dogs specifically, instead of the female pigs, since pigs are prone to eating the fungus while the dogs can be trained to trade it with a slice of bread.

As for using humans, training and experience are also required. It is recommended that a small rake should be used to comb the soil. So, this means, one might have to be down on his hands and knees just to collect this fungus that is also known as black gold to some people.


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