HTC Scribe Will Be Patented To Become ‘Appleproof’

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HTC is known to offer Android-powered devices, as well as one of the major rivals of Apple. And now it is rivaling it again as the Taiwan-based handset maker was reported to file a patent application last Dec. 26 to make a handheld device, sort of a tablet that is similar to Apple’s Ipad.

This gadget was said to be names “HTC Scribe” and is said to be an alternative to the iPad, as well as rival their price to be much cheaper than the Apple product, which could have an estimated price of $750. The HTC Scribe has filed their trademark in the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Actually, the news that HTC has been developing a tablet has been on the news since September and some of its reports contained the specifications of the said tablet. Some of its features are 1280×780 display resolution, has a Tegra 2 dual-core microchip, 32GB memory card, 2GB internal storage, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Last October, HTC revealed that the launch of the tablet was moved to around second quarter of 2011. This is to coincide with Apple’s announcement that it will release their new product, the iPad 2 on April 2011, and is preparing for it now.

Indeed, the rivalry between HTC and Apple has intensified with this news. Their rivalry started when Apple sued HTC in 2010 accusing the Taiwan handset maker for using iPhone patents in their HTC smartphones. As a counterattack, HTC charged them for violating its own patents. Then, after HTC released their Android-based Evo 4G phone last June 4, Apple released their iPhone 4 on June 7. In terms of going one-on-one with Apple, HTC is its best rival and competitor to date.


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