Remembering Hurricane Katrina, After 5 Years from Devastation

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It’s already been 5 years since Hurricane Katrina has made its entrance and devastated so many regions and families in South Africa, and nearly wiped out New Orleans. Since then, Katrina has been committed to memory as the most devastating, taking away over 1,800 lives, since 1928’s Okeechobee Hurricane.

It is also said to be the costliest Hurricane in American History, damaging a total of $81 billion which comes from the Gulf Coast to the Bahamas. This is triple the damage Hurricane Andrew have caused back in 1992. Even years prior to Katrina hitting the US, New Orleans was said to be very vulnerable even with weaker hurricanes and would be at a very great danger should a very strong and powerful storm arrive.

According to storm meteorologists and engineers,  this is due to the fact that the city is below sea level, and is very much prone to calamitous harm. And on the 29th of August, when Katrina has finally reached New Orleans, the worst had happened, almost totally submerging the entire city.

And now, after 5 years from the devastating experience, this only reminds us that nature can get really angry and cause so much damage. This hopefully serves as a lesson or reason for people to be more prepared in any case a storm such as Katrina hits the US again.


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