Hyper-texting Teens More Likely To Engage In Sex and Drugs According To Study

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We all knew that excessive texting is bad to almost everyone, but now it is being connected with teens most likely to engage in sex and risky behavior.

A news research authored by Dr. Scott Frank have said that teens who send more then 120 text messages per day are more likely to be engaged in sex and other risky behaviors. The authors have found out they there is really a big link between the two and are prone to a rebellious life.

There is also a conclusion that there are teenagers who have permissive parents (or not parents at all) and are prone to peer pressure. According to Dr. Frank, “If parents are monitoring their kids’ texting and social networking, they’re probably monitoring other activities as well”.

This something worth looking at because teenagers nowadays are more into texting and social networking than before and connecting it with risky behaviors is just a good conclusion to it all. The study, which was done in 20 public high schools and 4,200 students, says that hyper-texting and hyper-networkers are those that spend more than three hours a day texting or logging in to social networks such as Facebook. The hyper-texters are those prone to be engaged in sex, while hyper-networkers are those who are prone to fighting, drinking and doing drugs.

According to the authors and researchers of the study, this is an issue that should be focused upon by the parents because their children can get into danger if they don’t lessen their texting and social nwtworking. “It’s a legitimate question”,according to Douglas Gentile, the one running the Media Research Lab in Iowa State University. The study will be presented by Dr. Frank on Tuesday, November 16 at a meeting in the American Public Health Association in Denver.

I think this study is legitimate enough to connect hyper-texting and hyper-networking to risky behavior, but I think it will also depend on the person who always texts as to whether he or she will engage in sex or not. Like there are some students who receive and send more than 200 messages a day, but most of her texts contain homework, non-sexual talk, and student council. While another student says that texting is more convenient than calling, though she gets good grades in school and have no problem with her social life.

I agree with them though. I think it will depend upon the person if he or she will put it upon themselves to do risky behavior or not. I mean, not all teenagers who text more is on a risky behavior. I think it is up to the parents to look after their child and to discipline them in their use of cellphones and internet. Maybe this study could be proven false or, at least, there would be no more teenagers who would indeed engage in risky behaviors just because they text more or do Facebook for more than three hours.


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