InfraGard National Members Alliance Elects Dyann Bradbury

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InfraGard is a program where the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as other law enforcement agencies and private corporations get together and share important information. It started out in 1996 in Cleveland, Ohio. It was originally only for local use, but it grew to become a national program which is important in the security of the country.


The InfraGard National Members Alliance elected a new set of officers last week, and Dyann Bradbury is their new president. The chairman of the INMA board of directors is still Kathleen Kiernan, who was reelected.

Dyann Bradbury was elected president because she proved herself worthy of the position through his other positions in InfraGard such as the Regional Representative, the vice president of regional communications, as well as a member on the board of directors. She will be replacing Ron Dick, who trusts in Bradbury very much. Kiernan was working in Federal Law Enforcement for 29 years and holds many important positions aside form that as chairman of the board of directors.

Bradbury, with her experience and responsibility, paired with Dr. Kathleen Kiernan are sure to be great officers, since both are seasoned in their crafts. With this new election of officers, the InfraGard National Members Alliance will continue to protect the country well, since their leaders are focused and concerned out national security.


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