iPhone 4 Alarm Clock Glitch Angers People

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In what could be one of the worst things that could happen on Apple’s products, their latest product experienced an alarm clock glitch that angered and frustrated a lot of people.

Their latest handset, the iPhone 4, experienced a glitch when its alarm clock did not go off on the morning of New Year’s Day, which resulted for its users to wake late. And because of this, a lot of people were late from appointments, flights, trips, work and other activities.

24-year-old Kate Cobb set her alarm earlier because she has to meet a friend for breakfast. The alarm didn’t go off and ended up oversleeping for an hour. She had to explain to her friend about the alarm clock not going off, though she was sure her friend assumed she had too many drinks the night before.

The same goes for more than six people who complained that their alarms never went off and were late for their plane flights, work, wedding arrangements, sports game, and other activities. For those who were late at work, some of them demanded that Apple give a letter to their bosses explaining their tardiness. Others were happy that they were not alone with the situation and now their friends and family will believe them because this story was done.

There was one person though named Liz from Cheltenham, UK who commented on why others should put the blame on others for their own actions and that the blame could not be pinned on Apple just because the alarm went off, and people overslept.

Despite that, Apple took the blame on what happened and issued a statement explaining that they were aware of the non-repeating alarms that were set for January 1 and 2 and Apple will look into it to be resolved as soon as possible. According to Natalie Harrison, Apple’s spokeswoman, they actually don’t know what caused the problem but noticed that the users who were affected used the iOS4 software, especially the versions 4.2.1, 4.1 and 4.0.2.

The alarms, though, will be working properly on January 3.

I don’t know with you, but the night before New Year’s Day was New Year’s Eve and everybody was out partying and celebrating to welcome the year 2011. Even I was out late celebrating with friends. It is possible that people have slept in and I think it is impossible to wake up very early on New Year’s Day if you had a lot of drinks the night before. Yes, maybe Apple took the blame, but waking up early is also the responsibility of the users of iPhone 4.

Let this be lesson served for everyone to have an alternative alarm clock in case the iPhone 4 does not wake you up again. But I believe Apple will be able to resolve this and things will be back to normal for their products.


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