Jacquelyn Kotarac: Doctor Died At A Chimney For Love!

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It’s funny how people become desperate for love. There are a lot of times that people tend to do something stupid just to recover love lost. Some succeed but then most of the time some also fail, and in worst cases the situation becomes deadly. The recent news about an internist, Dr. Jacquelyn Kotarac, who died trying to get in her ex-boyfriend’s house through its chimney is an example.

Kotarac, 49, was found dead with her body stuck inside a chimney. The discovery came when a househelp and her son smelled the stench and observed that it was coming from the chimney. Upon careful investigation, they found Kotarac’s body stuck and already decomposing. According to the police report, she has been dead for three days and the cause of death is unknown. It was alleged that she wanted to talk to her boyfriend – who apparently doesn’t want to talk with her –  forced her way through the chimney, and died struggling.

Tragic as it may seem I find the event somewhat disturbing. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine someone, who is clearly intelligent, do something stupid. But well, humanity is always like that, and this incident is just one of the follies that befell us ever since philosophers discovered that there is such a thing called love and the freewill, to decide what to do with it.


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