Jake Anderson Father Still Missing

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The news about the missing father of Jake Anderson was first heard at discovery channel. Jake, star of reality series ‘Deadliest Catch’,  appealed to the public for help in finding his father. He asks for anyone who might have something to know about this would give them a clue to his father’s whereabouts. And if they find any evidence connecting to his missing father would be a great help in finding his missing father.

His father was last seen last January. He had coffee the day he went missing with his son. He also visited his daughter, after that he went on meeting his friend. Officials reported that Jake Anderson’s father was last seen one hundred and twenty miles from his home.

After 16 days, since his father went missing, his father’s truck was found by the officials, locked and stuck between the logs, eleven miles from his home. Apparently, the officials closed his case after having no clue and witness to help them in finding Anderson’s father.

His father is sixty three years old. Jake Anderson made it clear that he wants him back and would not let him go away. Jake Anderson is still not losing his hope that he will still find his father. Thus, he does everything he can just to find his missing father.


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  1. lisa meldahl says:

    i want to help. I live in darrington washington and I hike alot of areas. Where do I look??? where was the last place he was seen and or where did they find a vehicle??? I will start looking there with my dogs.

    my heart goes out to you

    lisa meldahl

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