Jason Chen in Jeopardy Due to Stolen iPhone 4G

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Earlier this month, the net was in heat by researchers and techies who want to have a glimpse of the so-called new iPhone 4G that accidentally slipped it owners hand. Jason Chen and his site Gizomodo was the hottest site that time. The editor of this gadget blog site was the one who introduced the new iPhone 4G which is supposed to be done by its manufacturer. And now, he is again in another mess. Jason Chen’s house was raid Monday evening.  California police seized six computers and other items from Chen’s home. The search was done without Chen’s presence.

Was the act promoted by Apple? The task force said that the search was a decision that came from the criminal code of California of the district attorney for San Mateo and clearly pointed out that it wasn’t from Apple. Specifically it was from the receiving stolen goods act and that the house was considered a means of committing felony.

The said iPhone was lost on March 18 but its lost was just posted in Gizmodo’s blog earlier this month. The gadget was said to be brought from someone for $5,000. There was a rumor that the middleman upon knowing that the gadget belonged to Apple insisted on returning it but the blog site didn’t do any act. The lost iPhone 4G was a prototype model of the new model of Apple that should be released this June. All throughout this issue Apple remains silent.

The said search was said to be illegal and it is now that people will be able to see whether the said US journalist said law will really work, but lets try to consider this side, are bloggers considered journalists?


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