Joe Stack is a Hero! – says daughter Samantha Bell

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Samantha Bell, Joe Stack daughter broke her silence saying her dad is a hero for stimulating attention to the fault of their government. Joe Stack appeared on front page broadsheets and one of the favorite talks of the town last week after he crashed a small plane into an office complex in Austin, Texas. What seems intriguing to many is a manifesto or suicide letter he left to his website for the world to know the reason of the much-talked incident or accident for some.

According to Samantha Bell referring to the event, her father is a hero himself although what he did is quite pathetic for some people. Bell said in an interview at New York Daily News, she thinks that too many people lie around and wait for things to happen. But if nobody comes out and speaks up on behalf of injustice, then nothing will ever be accomplished. She stressed that many cases of people she knows are suffering in the hands of the government and people literally dying because they are not getting the help they need, that’s why some of them…just like her dad became frustrated and commit suicide.

The building Stack crashed his plane into housed offices of the IRS. He stated in his manifesto his frustrations, he went against the government agency, voicing about taxes, big business bail-outs and insurance companies. Stack’s plane crash killed one man in the building, a 61-year-old IRS collection agent and a Vietnam veteran.

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