Johnny Depp is Dead: Another Death Rumors | Celebrity

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johnny depp dead Johnny Depp is a world famous actor who has starred in many famous films like “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Sweeny Todd” and he has even voice acted in movies like “Corpse Bride”. He was named sexiest man of the year twice, and he has a large fan base with a wide demographic.

Recently, people started a tag on Twitter saying “RIP Johnny Depp” and linked a site that had a fake CNN web page that says that Johnny Depp got into a deadly car crash all the way back in 2004. Of course, we all know that he did not die, and that he starred in “Pirates of The Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest” in 2006. The fake webpage was very good, but still not enough to fool people six years later.

Johnny Depp is alive and well, and will be acting in quite a few new movies. His latest film is “Alice in Wonderland” which was directed by Tim Burton, and is set to release soon. He will also start filming “Pirates in the Caribbean 4”. The future looks bright for Depp, and everyone is relieved to know that the car accident was a hoax spread by some cunning website makers.


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