Josh Blue Amazing Story

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Despite having disability, Josh Blue had never failed to be a good comedian and was able to win the hearts of many audiences. Many disabled comedians had surfaced in the past but none of them was able to achieve such popularity.

Josh Blue, an African born American comedian was first spotted when he won the Last Comic Standing on NBC which was aired in 2006. He was able to take the hearts out of people because of his acts in line with the perspective of a man with cerebral palsy.

Blue began his life in Cameroon as a child of an American couple being committed in doing mission works. His family returns to US and live in St. Paul, Minnesota where he grew up. At Evergreen State College, he started developing his comedian acts.  He is a remarkable comedian known for not making fun of other races and religion. He is able to make everyone laugh without poking a finger to others. He would instead point his finger to his own.

Josh Blue is also able to mark his own name in the athletic field playing in soccer field at the 2004 Paralympics. He also got the title as the first comedian performer on the Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show.


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