Jud Birza: Survivor Nicaragua Million Dollar Boy

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And the winner of Survivor Nicagaragua is… Jud Birza!

We finally have a winner after season contained a lot of epic fails to last a lifetime. Fails such as elimination of fan favorites, double quitters and mismatched old vs young tribes filled the season, but at least there was a happy ending as Jud Birza won.

For those who didn’t know, Birza is a 21-year-old student who lives in Venice, California and is the youngest winner in the history of Survivor. When he won, he paid tribute to his family, most especially his father, in whom he had close relationship with. Together with his age and young looks, he could pass as a heartthrob.

But he has proven that he’s not just looks because he smarter than your average dude. And this is the reason why he won. He won three straight immunities which includes that of tonight’s challenge as well as the coin-stacking challenges. Unlike other contestants, he was the one who truly showed that he can be the Sole Survivor for this season.

He also thanked those who voted for him, even though he was nervous when the Sole Survivor was about to be announced. Birza won $1,000,000 and still does not know what to do with the money.

Another highlight was Jane Bright winning Fan Favorite and picked up $100,000 as she won the most votes and largest one in Survivor history.


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