Julian Assange Autobiography: Wikileaks Founder To Receive $1.3 Million

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If you think you won’t hear anything from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange because he is in house arrest now, think again!

Julian Assange will be writing an autobiography about himself in exchange for an advanced payment of $1.3 million. This amount will be for the US and UK rights ($800,000 from US and $502,000 from UK publisher Canongate Books Ltd), according to the US publisher Random House. But Assange is getting this money for a real reason.

According to the Australian, who is on house arrest in England, he needed the money so much even though he didn’t want to write the book because he has already spent £200,000 on legal costs. He needs more in order to defend himself from the case being charged at him, as well as to keep Wikileaks alive.

Random house is expecting the manuscript by 2011, but there is no definite date and time for the publication, nor is there any mention of the total amount of the whole deal. Despite that, they are excited, according to Random House spokesperson, Paul Bogaards as what Assange did with Wikileaks is very important in out world, and people needs to know more about the controversial man.

Canongate declined to comment about the news, while Assange cannot be reached on Sunday for comment.

For me, I think it is way too early for Assange to be writing his autobiography because he and Wikileaks have just been in the media for not that long. But since Assange needs the money a lot, then I guess he’ll do anything just to get himself away from the cases and keep Wikileaks alive in the Internet. And I’m pretty sure that when it comes out, it will be a big hit and controversial—just like himself and Wikileaks.


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