Justin Bieber Allergy Problems On CSI

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The “Biebs’” got alarmed upon hearing the news that the American delight Justin Bieber was rushed to the Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center for mild allergic reaction.

After the breathing problem Bieber experienced on set of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, he was taken to the hospital but then released after an hour when his doctors stated that he’s fine. He’s back on set working today. Justin encountered slight allergic problem while on shoot but fans do not need to worry for he is now in perfect working condition.

Since the huge success of “Baby” last year, there’s no doubt that Justin Bieber has captured the hearts of every female fans all over the world. Justin’s continuous success plague like a storm and now he’s digging on his acting potential after he appeared on CSI last September. Now, he’s heading on to return in the prominent series as the troubled teen Jason McGann.

But since fans are excited to have a glance of him; he’ll be a presenter this Sunday in Golden Globe Awards with Hailee Steinfeld.

His upcoming movie “Never Say Never” will hit the screens on February 11, 2011 in 3D technology. Will this be your date movie this Valentine’s Day? Justin is a real heartthrob unless he proves himself influential in the box office after this is shown in the big screen.


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