Justin Bieber’s Drinking Problems – Is It True?

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Justin Bieber is a pop or R&B singer born in 1994 with Canadian roots. He was discovered by Scooter Braun in a Youtube performance and met up with Usher and was signed a contract with Braun and Usher’s record label Raymond Braun Media Group.

Justin had his first single entitled “One Time” which became a top-notch song heard in over 30 countries debuting at the top ten. On March 23, 2010, he released his second album with the song “Baby” which grossed profits in the music industry worldwide.

His charm has appealed to millions which made his concerts a hit despite crowd controlling problems.

Now, another issue is being thrown against him. It is alleged that at 16, he has some drinking problems. However, this rumor, which has spread over the internet, is nowhere to be proved.

Another rumor which surfaced a few days ago that Justin was arrested by the police. Perhaps the glitz and glamour of Hollywood is really burdensome with issues here and there, and the young star isn’t an exception

Bieber maintains his stand and deny these accusations besides, no evidences had led to the fact that he has drinking problems and was arrested. Too much fame has its price don’t you think?


3 Responses for “Justin Bieber’s Drinking Problems – Is It True?”

  1. Ellianna says:

    i think that all these rumors about Justin Bieber is just a bunch of BS! besides if it was true it would have been the top of the headlines on the newspaper and everywhere else like the t.v. and things like that. whoever started these rumors are just jealous that they are not as famous as Justin Bieber.. i dont think anybody in the music world will ever be as famous as Justin Bieber. if Juistin had a drinking "problem" everyone would have known a long time ago. and whoever is saying these rumors thinks that it is gunna ruin his career they need to think again because it is going to take alot more than a bunch of UNTRUE LIES to make his career crash. if he was a drinker people would have stopped going to his concerts and stop buying his cd's and shirts and wristbands and everything else with Justin Bieber on it.

  2. Jacob says:

    I want him dead but I'm not jealous of him I don't know anybody who is.

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