Justin Bieber Got A Haircut, Donates Some to Ellen

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Justin Bieber is yet again making headlines all thanks to Justin’s new hairdo. The buzz about the do has raised positive and negative feedback from Bieber’s fans worldwide. From his trademark swooping bangs haircut, Bieber has shifted to a shorter, cropped hairdo. Some fans say that the new hairdo gives him an edge and a more mature image, while some fans can’t help but miss the trademark Bieber ‘do.

But the question remains, why did he cut his hair? Some sources say that he wanted something new, since it’s been three years with this hairstyle and he wanted a change. Another reason would be for charity. Bieber appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show holding a box which appeared to contain Justin Bieber’s hair.

The box will be auctioned off on Ellen DeGeneres’ website to help a charity that deals with rescued animals which have been abused and neglected. The highest bidder will receive the box of Justin Bieber’s hair and the charity receives the money earned from the auction. Hair for a cause maybe a peculiar way of raising money, but either way you look at it, in the end a charity benefits.

Whatever point of view you look at it, positive or negative, Bieber has a new image and has helped someone along the way.

(credit: TMZ)


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