Justin Bieber A Hermaphrodite?

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Canadian pop R&B superstar Justin Bieber just can’t get off the hook of endless rumours. Some of the rumours included him being dead, a syphilis or STD carrier and now a hermaphrodite! The 16-year old singer of course denies all accusations.

In case you haven’t heard these terms syphilis is caused by the spirochetal bacterium and is transmitted through sexual contact while a hermaphrodite is a being that has two sexual organs. And in this line, Bieber is said to have been pregnant. How ruthless fame really is!

According to the charts, his long-time playing song “Baby” had made it hit big time in the industry debuting in January 2010. From a mere Youtube sensation, he will be recording his new album this summer.

Besides tackling rumours, Bieber also had crowd control problems. His popularity has caused safety alarms. While appearing in a certain mall at Long Island, the audience went ajar and as a result 35 fans experienced minor injuries. Other appearances were also cancelled with Bieber because of these past occurences.

Perhaps this is what you get for being famous. While the world can’t stop having a dose of Bieber fever, still Justin Bieber continues to wow his fans. As a proof, he’s doing songs in collaboration with various artists.

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  1. Scooby Doo says:

    Yes! Justin Bieber is a Hermaphrodite. He is consulting a Dutch doctor who is who is a pioneer in helping Hermaphrodites become parents. Bieber will be using his own semen to impregnate himself and have a baby. Doctor Wassen is helping the public to realize that
    Hermaphrodites are responsible parents

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