Justin Bieber Lip Gloss : A Photoshop Disaster From Toda Teen Star Magazine?

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Are we looking at a Photoshop failure, or is there just too much make-up on the teen pop star’s face?

Adam Lambert,  I mean Bieber fans are all goggling over Justin’s new cover in Toda Teen Star, a Brazilian magazine. The 16-year-old pop sensation looks “stunningly beautiful” with a lot of make-up that should have never been “a lot” in the first place. It looked like he was wearing dark eyeliner, a lot of foundation, blush, lip liner and—the most dominant makeup in the cover—pink lip gloss. Thus, the pop star suddenly looked so feminine that he actually looked…beautiful.

Most people are suspecting this is just another Photoshop disaster in the attempt to make Bieber flawless (but ended up being too much flawless). Although when Toda Teen Star was asked about this, they said there was no make-up in Bieber’s face and it was never photoshopped. They blamed it on technical problems that made some certain areas in the photo a bit darker.

We also want to say that all of us find Justin very naturally beautiful. We’d never think it necessary to alter pictures of him. Natural beauty says it all, right?

But with this issue circulating the net the past hours, people still think this will not put the Bieber fever down, but instead boost it. It is rather ironic though that Justin Bieber’s touched up feminine face gracing the cover of a teen magazine coincided with the announcements on his career. Just recently, the trailer for his movie “Never Say Never” had been released on the net, which will reportedly be shown in 3D on February 2011. Then, he developed a nail polish line called “One Less Lonely Girl” and has approved a unisex fragrance business called “My World”, both targeting teenagers. So much for publicity.

But the cover has left me shocked- and maybe a bit laughing. I knew the Bieber fever is boosting up now, but this cover was bit too much if it was to draw more attention to the pop sensation. I actually posted this in my Facebook wall, and there was one guy who commented, “Okay girls, you do the explaining…” This has left a lot of people astounded, but this won’t stop fans from singing into his tunes anytime.


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  1. Rachel says:

    Its photoshoped, you can tell because it looks like his ear is melting into his face and hair.

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