Justin Bieber Molesting a Fan – Nothing but a Rumor

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16-year-old pop singer Justin Bieber seems to be the new crowd favorite for hoax news. Just a couple of months ago, Bieber was rumored dead, breaking the heart of his multitude of fans. Now, the singer is targeted yet again by another scandalous news claiming that he has molested a fan.

So much is the impact of this rumor to people that it quickly became one of the best-searched news in the Internet. Nonetheless, just like any other rumors involving the young singer, this one is merely another hoax.

The news all started with Bieber posting a picture of him on his Twitter account handcuffed, wearing a uniform, and led by a man into a suspicious looking room. However, the picture is actually a photo leaked from Bieber’s brief television appearance in the TV series CSI. Justin was asked to guest in the popular police/drama series as a troubled teen detained in jail.

Other negative rumors, which involved the young pop singer, are issues of having syphilis and converting Scientology. The release of the CSI episode that Bieber will appear on is still not confirmed. Looking on the bright side, the clarification of the molestation news removed a huge lump on the throat of his loyal fans.


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