Kanye West’s Hip hop single Runaway Seen At Vevo!

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Kanye West’s newest hip hop music video, “Runaway”, consists of a 35 minute film that can be considered as a work of art. The video is creative with a twist of leaning towards the weird, which created a medley of remixed versions of several of the songs from his upcoming album aptly named My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

The video cinematography boasts of an Aristotelian poetics-educated narrative consisting of elaborate costume design, careful direction and classical dance numbers with ballet as one of its choreography which he had introduced on his Saturday Night Live performance. Mythical elements were depicted on his video, which were also present on his music video for “Power”.

Somewhere on the first part of the video “Runaway” West exclaimed the lines: “First rule of living in this world baby? Don’t pay attention to anything you see in the news”. This may show some complaint about living publicly. Still, this video has creative juices and humility flowing from it. The video premiered exclusively on Vevo, which is an online destination for music videos.

This gave West the artistic edge he needed in promoting his videos “Runaway” and “Power”. Both are long but since both are promoted online West had the freedom of making it longer than the conventional music videos we see on MTV. West and his team have taken advantage of the benefits in using the videos and Twitter as a springboard in reshaping his image with critiques and the public.


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