Kanye West’s New Song Debut At The MTV Video Music Awards

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Who would ever forget the infamous incident in the last year’s prestigious MTV Video Music Awards wherein singer-songwriter Kanye West grabbed the microphone off of Taylor Swift, interrupting her acceptance speech as she received the award for bagging the Best Video Award.

As the incident comes to its anniversary, Swift sang a song off of her upcoming album entitled “Innocent” which mostly relates her forgiveness to West. Here’s the fun part—Kanye West also sang a song by the end of the ceremony that seemed to answer Swift’s and which more or less approving that he was really at fault that time.

The song was, as one would expect from such a brilliant artist song writer as Kanye West, more graphic and visual. As sample lines goes: “Let’s have a toast for the douche bags/ Let’s have a toast for the a–holes/ Let’s have a toast for scumbags.” The MC even had the wit to advice the listeners who might be actually dealing with the mentioned “bags.”

For most, Kanye’s performance could be considered as an important turning point for West’s career which has undergone a major setback because of questions regarding his personality. The singer, song writer and producer has spent the last year struggling against the downward tilt of his public image and seemed to have chosen to retreat from the limelight.


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