Katy Perry Sesame Street Scandal: Too much Cleavage? (Photos and Video)

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The long running kiddie show Sesame Street has been known to feature guest celebrities from different areas of the entertainment industry over the years of its existence, in order to have adults watch the show, too. This is due to the makers of the show’s belief that when adults watch together with the kids, the kids would learn faster. Nonetheless, this was the reason behind why they got lovely Katy Perry to appear in the show—thing is, after getting all ready and taping for the show, the singer’s appearance will not be aired in any of the show’s TV episodes.

The Sesame Street video clip is now all over the Web (thanks, Youtube). There’s nothing really intentionally offensive with the video, except for Perry’s outfit that parents took to be too provocative and sexy. In the segment, Katy was singing with Elmo a playful (well, Katy really wanted to play with Elmo, but not the playful sexy thing that you might be thinking) version of her hit song “Hot ‘n Cold.” What makes it quite a source of woe for parents is her cleavage revealing dress. Of course, for adults (with none of their kids to watch it), it’s something normal. But since it’s intended for a kids’ show, it’s understandable that the act should raise some eyebrows.

Anyway, Katy Perry fans can still watch the clip on Youtube (and on this page actually).


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  1. There is nothing wrong with that dress, the fact that it was "Banned" is one of the stupidest things I've seen in a long time.

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