Killer Whale trashed Trainer like a ragdoll to death

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Shamu, Sea World’s Killer Whale show somehow proves its title as one of the Killer Whale Kills Trainer Dawn Brancheau just recently. A video footage has been leaked through an amateur  video from a guy that was present during the Shamu show. The video shows the last moments Brancheau  in earth as she tends to the seemingly innocent Killer Whale, she mistakenly lied too close to the side of the pool.

Many were shocked when the supposed friendly creatures although named “Killer Whales” pulled the pony tail and trashed the trainer’s body around the water like a ragdoll until death. Unfortunately, that single mistake cost her life.

According to an interview with the man who own the home video, the whales tends to be  more agitated than normal whales he has ever seen.The Sea World manager said in a press statement that  Brancheau slipped into the pool by accident but other witnesses, including the man who presented the video  said otherwise. Sea World officials said in a press conference that the Shamu shows would resume but trainers would not be allowed in the water with the killer whales until a thorough investigation.


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