Kindle 3 Beats Harry Potter Book In Amazon Sale History

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Somebody—I mean something—has finally beaten the boy wizard in sales. Amazon released a statement that Kindle is their best-selling product for this holiday season, surpassing the book “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.

According to Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon, they still don’t have the number of Kindles sold worldwide. Despite that, they said that last Christmas Day, more people bought Kindle for the first time as more prefer the e-book reader than the Apple iPad, which was released this year.

And why wouldn’t they? Kindle has features that can rival almost all of the e-book readers in the market as it is weightless and has a month-long better life. Plus, its display is covered in advanced paper-like e-ink pearl display that helps in reducing eye strain, does not interfere with the sleeping pattern and, most important of all, the person can use the Kindle even if it is directly under the sunlight—which is the biggest weakness of present e-readers today. Then, there is the price of only $139.00, which, as Bezos described it, low enough that people don’t have to choose.

On the same day as well, customers were buying Kindle-related items such as Read Everywhere application, Kindle Buy Once, and a lot of Kindle books than any day in Amazon sale history. On Nov. 29, its peak day, more than 13.7 million items were ordered worldwide, giving it a breaking record of 158 items per second.

Indeed, Amazon has proven again to the world that it is one of the strongest most sought after online store in the whole world.


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