Lake Delhi, Iowa Dam Destroyed!

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Heavy rain destroyed the Lake Delhi dam on Delhi, Iowa last Saturday causing hundreds of its citizens to evacuate their vacation cabins and homes. The rupture of the dam caused a violent torrent speeding down the Maquoketa River and the giving way of 125 feet wide, 40 feet deep section of earth in the vicinity. According to officials, approximately 8,000 people were affected by the heavy rains though it is a good thing that there were no casualties reported.

According to Jeremy Sands from the Delhi Fire Department, the unrelenting rainfall caused the dam’s water to rise 15 inches in just 15 hours. This swift rise of the water level destroyed the 83-year-old dam roughly around early afternoon. At first, the rising water destroyed the dam’s berm, and then large parts of road on the dam were also broken off.

The light poles near the vicinity also snapped and the vortex on the side of the lake obliterated the trees, docks, and boats on it. Dennis Wilson, another Delhi firefighter reported that at least half a dozen houses were swept away by the flood and that acres of farmland drowned.

On the other hand, people who came to visit the Jones County Fair in Monticello were disappointed due to the cancellation of Joan Jett and Styx’s performance on Saturday night. All other businesses were closed due to the damage.


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