Lakers vs. Suns: Western Conference Finals

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It was a very much awaited match, the 6th face off of the best teams in the 2010 Western Conference Finals of NBA, a game between Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns.  Los Angeles had their place in the NBA finals by defeating the Phoenix Suns over a score of 101-103 in their last game, held last Saturday. The match between the two had an over all standing of 4-2, with Lakers leading.

Phoenix had been the first to edge the game with 43-42 early of the second half but Los Angels was able to follow with Bryant’s three points making them in lead with 65-63 at half time. The last minutes of the game was really air tightening when the scores came to 99-101 with Suns falling behind at the last minute of the game. But with Jason Richardson, Suns was able to tie the game scoring a three point shot with almost 3 seconds left after Steve Nash failed a try.

Many were expecting that Suns will be able to tie the score needing a game 7. But Lakers called for a time out with 3 seconds left on the extension. And Kobe Bryant as expected got hold of the ball and tried a three point but failed,. Luckily, Ron Artest who was right on spot caught the ball just soot it looking just like a follow up. The ball hits the board and goes in at the same time the buzzer went off. Looks like Los Angels hit a spot for one of the two best teams to face in the NBA finals.


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