Lamebook Sues Facebook Due To Trademark Infringement?

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Facebook has become so popular the past years that it has faced a lot of controversies and lawsuits from different companies. Another company has been added to the list of lawsuits against the social networking site and, somehow, it’s quite…lame. Lamebook is suing Facebook due to trademark infringement after Facebook threatened to sue the website with trademark infringement. Huh?

Well, first off, Lamebook is a funny website supported by ads that lets Facebook users post their status updates, pictures and other FB-related things in their website. It shows some of the funniest statuses and people can comment on them. The site was created in 2009 by graphic designers, Jonathan Standefer and Matthew Genitempo and its branding such as the name and logo were “inspired” by the social-working site, Facebook.

Now, Facebook filed a legal complaint against Lamebook last March 2010 on trademark infringement and ordered a cease and desist order on using the LB logo, changing its name and website layout. As a counter-attack, Lamebook filed a suit against Facebook for a preemptive decision in court saying that they did nothing wrong in creating the website. Despite that, Facebook repeated the threat several times and plans to take the case to court in order to stop Lamebook from copying Facebook’s trademark.

Lamebook, on the other hand, insists that their site is a parody of Facebook and should not be taken as trademark infringement. In their complaint, they said that their site “does not offer social-networking services or functionality to its users, and therefore, does not compete with Facebook”. They also insisted that since they are a parody, they are still protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

Facebook cannot be reached for comments as of this moment.

I’m not surprised that Facebook is involved in another lawsuit, as I think it has had enough controversies and cases to last them a lifetime. Plus, they have filed suits against sites that have the word “book” as their suffixes like Teachbook and Placebook, so some people may be used to seeing these kinds of situations. I, for one, have seen the website and in terms of layout, they’re not similar to that of FB. But Lamebook may have to think of changing the name and logo, because it looks exactly the same as that of Facebook that it’s no wonder the social networking site is suing them.


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