Leah Siegel Ends Her Fight With Breast Cancer

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ESPN producer Leah Siegel died early Monday this week after battling breast cancer for two years. A 43-year-old mother of three children, Siegel’s fight against cancer inspired thousands of area residents living near her home in Dallas. She has earned a lot of achievements during her career that involved winning three Emmy Awards for her work and being named as the first woman to earn a position of full-time writer in ESPN.

Siegel was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer after she gave birth to her last child, Oliver on August 2008. Siegel spent some time in hospice care until she died at around 4:30 on Monday. After knowing about her disease, she decided to create a blog, which she used to tell her story and inspire other people. Her moving tale has inspired lots of people to write letters and look up to her courage. During the fall of 2008, her story was featured on the front page of The Dallas Morning News.

Siegel’s husband Eric Loehr expressed his thanks to the people who supported his wife by writing on her blog a few hours after her death last Monday. He said that he is very grateful that Siegel was able to serve as an inspiration to those who believed on her over the last two years.


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